Company Culture


In order to keep pace with the times,we take part in an e-commerce training course in Shanghai.
We learned a lot of new skills and know more about the trend of our market,so we can offer the better service to our customers.

Annual Meeting

                                         Annual Meeting:
Every year we would like to have our own annual meeting on January.We summarize the achievement of last year and plan the details of new year, awarding the excellent employees as well. Besides,in the meeting, each department gives a performance and play all kinds of games .After meeting,we always have a dinner together to celebrate the coming Chinese New Year in advance!


                                           Dinner Party:
In order to celebrate the coming New Year of 2018, our colleagues of company had a dinner party together. Talking about the plan of new year and palying all kinds of games. Everyone was so excited to have dinner,talk and drink together.